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Mid year evaluation

2010 May 7
by Eric R.

My 2010 bike riding goals (other than mileage)

1. Accomplish my 10% body weight challenge with Opti before the deadline next September

2. Reach the Alabama -Georgia line on my bike riding the Silver Comet. June 2010

3. Learn to pedal using clip ons…. (before this year end).

4. Learn to layer warm clothes properly and conquer winter riding.

5. Conquer the fear of night riding.

6. Dabble in Mountain Biking. June – July 2010

7. Ride while at my time sharing adventures this year (Anaheim, San Diego, New Orleans, Destin, FL )

8. Take my grand-kids on bike rides (non powered). Summer 2010

9. Ride to work daily for a week (250 total miles). Want to average at least once a week for the full year (about 2000 total miles). May or June 2010

10. Ride with my wife (need to teach her to use the Opti since she can’t exercise due to her lungs). September 2010.

What do you think my performance has been for this my first year with Optibike?

Your comments are welcomed!

Update 8/5/2010 – due to hardware & vacation issues (and also heat) – the time frames mentioned above have been shifted 60 days.

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  1. adele houghton permalink
    July 22, 2010

    Absolutely brilliant. I came accross this blog by chance and I am loving it.

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