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Jim’s Story

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  1. Jim M. permalink*
    August 7, 2009

    In my long past youth I was an avid cyclist. Many of my favorite memories of that time include my Schwinn Stingray.  I rode it everywhere, at times accompanied by my dog Lucky who ran along.   I rode fast, slow, on two wheels but alot of miles were on one (I loved riding for extended periods on the rear wheel) and also on none as I also enjoyed jumping every chance I got.  But I never enjoyed riding up hills.

    Eventually I got a Schwinn Varsity Sport, then a Gitane, then a car.   Many years went by not riding until I met my friend Tim and I was back on the Gitane taking a ride from Ocala to Gainsville Florida carrying 40 lbs of ‘essentials’ in an an old Army rucksack.  You can’t be to prepared for this 30 mile epic adventure down a very busy highway!  

    I thankfully lost the rucksack an it’s contents and kept riding in a far more efficient way.   Later I moved to Alexandria Virginia and got a job at the local bikeshop and started planning a  transcontinental ride.  Given the envirnment of the shop i started traing withe the local racers an th transcontential plans cast aside. 

     I raced road, criterium, and track to the best of my abilities.  I was fortunate to be able to ride some great bikes still having my road and track bikes.  These were interesting years spent in the company of some very talented individuals including mechanics, national team members, musicians, and artists.

    But the shop was sold and it was time to make some life decisions.  My decision to move to Boulder and continue cycling was put aside with a job offer in the DC area working in computing.

    Here I went from a very active life style to excessive hours spent sitting doing analysis in a hallway office. Sunlight was to be had at the French bakery downstairs.  Still eating like I raced my body was quickly transformed. 

    Almost 30 years later (with many activities but only a few years were there was considerate physical training involved) I’m now 50 lbs over the race weight of my youth. And at 5′ 4″ I’m not a big person.  But I was very fit then and age also has it’s own will.   

    It’s not realistic for me, nor do I want to, return to my race weight. But to drop 20 lbs. while also increasing muscle mass, reducing bloodpressure, reducing cholesterol, all while getting back on a bike sounds great to me.  

    On October 22nd my Optibike arrived.  I did the little assembly required, marveled at th quality and execution, and took her for a spin.  She’s beyond my exectations and they were high.    

    The next day I arrived in Boulder for an unrelated workshop.   I made the time to visit Optibike central, meet everyone, tour the facility, and get a lunch (salad) with Craig.   I’m was impressed with their approach, testing methods, and dedication to their product.  But mostly I’m impressed with them as real people.

    I’m very pleased to be part of this program and with my Optibike I’m looking up at the surrounding hills — with a grin in a way that I never could with my beloved Stingray.   

      Jim M.

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