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The Motivation

In June 2009, Optibike held a free conference call with Keith Felch, an Optibike Ambassador who lost an incredible 40+ lbs on his Optibike that he rides with his wife (who has an Optibike of her own.) Keith’s story has inspired all of us at Optibike and on the conference call, he inspired 30+ more people who called and emailed their questions about how they can get healthier on an electric bike. To listen to the call, click here.

3 callers: Bruce, Jim, and Eric all purchased Optibikes as part of a special weight loss program where they have a chance to “earn back” 50% of the purchase price of their bike over the next year if they hit their weight loss goals as outlined by their doctor.

This blog, maintained by these 3 riders- will track their stories over the next 12 months.  You will see pictures, videos, read stories, and you will get inspired by 3 men brave enough to tackle the overweight/obesity epidemic that affects some 66% of Americans.

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  1. Eric R. permalink*
    August 5, 2009

    On December 20th this year if God so bless me I’ll get to be 50 years old. It is my intention to seriously embark on a journey with Optibike to regain the love that biking was during my teenage years and through an activity I love, to get back in shape.

    What is my motivation? Regain my health while doing something that at this time is painful. Yes, I confess – I hate to exercise – and I enjoy to eat rich foods. This one-two combination is one of our nations top killers for people my age. Funny thing – both issues are under my total control to change.

    So what is my plan? Take out all the excuses. Not enough money, not enough time, feeling tired, not interested in joining yet another fad dieting plan to regain twice the pounds shed…. combine the necessity of commuting to work with a fun activity and get a workout at the same time.

    What I’ve done so far? I started with a physical exam. Confirmed my weight has been stable for the past 16 months at 306 lbs and that I could safely embark on this journey. I have the full support of my doctor, my family and friends and I fully believe that this will be done. I’m definitely counting on the assistance of the motor in my Optibike.

    I live in a suburb of Atlanta – Duluth – a place with a lot of hills and a very well deserved reputation of killer streets due to traffic congestion and ongoing driver frustration with never ending commute times. I know the electric motor prowess of the Optibike will make my 44 mile commute doable and I bet faster that I can do it while driving my car. So far I’ve scouted the route I will take and the milestones I’ll need to achieve before going to work on a bike for the first time sometime before October 2nd.

    I’ll be posting regularly so follow me on my quest to health on this journey.

  2. August 7, 2009

    This is a terrific goal for all 3 of you. Taking responsibility for your own health is the best gift you can give yourselves and your family and friends. Im an Optibike owner and also director of the John Wayne Cancer Foundation and TeamDUKE if we can be of any assistance please let us know. We would like to send each of you some TeamDUKE gear to train/ride in. Call or email us with you addresses and we will mail it out. All the best.

    Ethan Wayne

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