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Chapter 1 The Wait

Excited waiting for an early Christmas / Birthday present. I have read the Optibike site a few times already and have been trying to find out everything about Lithium Ion Cobalt batteries before I get the bike… which Craig says should be shipping in a couple of weeks…


WD40 or Duct Tape? 2009 August 12

I’m now committed (just sent signed contract). It is now a wait until the bike is delivered to get started.

Living in the South where the two required tools are WD-40 and duct tape – should I start using duct tape on my mouth and drink some WD-40?

Neither… must ride my Optibike.

is it Christmas yet? 2009 August 13

It’s been a long time since I ‘ve experienced this delivery date anxiety. … I think I was 7 when I counted the hours for Christmas day and to check if  Santa brought me all the toys I had put on my wish list…. 42 years later… I’ve written a new wish list that is actually the beginning of a journey within my internal self and my beliefs.

Yes I can, Yes I will, Yes I am.

One  more week, Craig?  Craig?


Bike is on the slow truck to Atlanta and a lot of explaining to do 2009 September 15

Got my tracking number today. So far this has been a little nerve racking and it is not entirely Craig’s fault. The issue is that I’ve not been too open with my wife Nancy about this quite significant purchase. Yes- she was with me when I test rode the bike in Reno, but she considers the purchase to be totally outrageous. Obviously she considers a Garden upgrade and a Bathroom Remodel more important than just an “electric bike” since many years ago I purchased one of them and barely used it (that is a rather long story for another day).

So what I decided to do was to avoid any conflicts before the bike got home. What good would it do to me for allow her to complain about the purchase since the decision was made in late June? I would have had a miserable summer. Thus so far – everything is co-pacetic until that is, the bike arrives this coming Friday (now Monday). Someone has to be home to sign for the package so I have two choices: come clean Thursday (now Sunday) night or stay home on Friday(now Monday) to receive it while she still sleeps  (Oops – she needs to go to the MD on Monday morning)…

Here is where you guys can help me….. I need your best ideas on how to convince a spouse on why buying an Optibike is such a great idea…. Come on – I need help! I’ll share with the group so far what I came up with…. later this week.

Update: Bike arrives on Monday.  keep checking FEDEX. Bike left Memphis Friday 1 a.m. and that is less than 10 hours away from Atlanta. I think it might be delivered early. Last  night I asked her to check how much is a week at a fat farm….

Comments from friends:

1) Nice to have known you (ET)

2) Wait for the bike in your car (GT)

3) Rent a storage unit by the house (MC)

4) Get a flak jacket (KH)

5) Use Photoshop to alter my “before” image and give her the “future” image (MH)

6) Tell her you want to get in shape for your girlfriend. (VR)

7) You won it in a contest. (KD)

Ask her what color granite for the bathroom (CW)

9) Tell her and go live in your man cave. (FA)

10) Get a whiteboard and do a presentation with actual blood. (LK)

11) Have friends she doesn’t know bring the bike home with balloons and a certificate from a raffle (LR)

12) Call FEDEX – stop home delivery – bring bike to friends home – go back home  – have friend ride your bike home and have him loan it to you for a while  (Guess Who ?)

Oh Lord – seems that #12 was not understood by FEDEX:

Sep 19, 2009 7:03 AM On FedEx vehicle for delivery NORCROSS, GA Scheduled for delivery next business day 

UPDATE Sunday a.m. I tried to bring the issue to my wife’s attention over the weekend but decided against it because it would definitely sour the atmosphere for 3 days.  On Saturday – decided to earn extra brownie points by organizing and filing all paperwork that have accumulated around the house and started to  clean my office and future man cave. I guess based on this information from FEDEX – I should stay home and wait for delivery.  I know I will have to do a reveal tomorrow evening…..

Bike arrived safely and I definitely love my wife! 2009 September 21

I’ve been on pins and needles since I ordered my optibike.  I didn’t discuss it with my wife and today I had to scramble to retrieve the bike at FEDEX while she went to the MD. I was able to unpack it and put it in the basement where it is safely charging.  I then had to wait for her to arrive….

Then I lucked out. Her collectible baby doll arrived today. When she got back she spent all the time opening her doll and setting her up. I finally told her I bought the bike and she didn’t believe me – so I dropped the issue. Then Shannon, my son in law, arrived and then I blurted if he wanted to see my new bike and that is when she realized that I told her the truth. But she hasn’t gone to the basement and look at it. I’ll told her I’ll put it together with a friend tomorrow night after it charges overnight and then she’ll see it.

Here is the deal – I promised I will use my Optibike in addition to making some nutritional adjustments such as  no sodas, no donuts, no cakes and lots of fish and vegetables.  That’s it. I’ll drop from the donut of the week group at work. I’ll bring healthy lunches and will skip on the chocolates. I’m not too sure if she knew from day 1 and she just played me so I’ll really work my butt off and lose some weight.
Anyway – countdown started. 90 days for my 5oth birthday.
Craig – can I attach  floaties to my Optibike so I can take it around in the new canals created by the 20 inch downpour around ATLANTA? or is it Atlantis?


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