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Suwanee ride, extended edition

2010 October 2
by Eric R.

A don’t know if it is the nippy air this morning that slowed me down or was my bike ride group riding like the wind to keep warm – but I struggled to keep up with the Suwanee Creek bike ride group this a.m. I was only able to catch them up going up hill.

One of the riders commented that you lose more weight on cold rides because your body is actually working harder to keep you warm – but I debunked this one when I only lost 2 lbs of water weight vs 4 lbs last week. So far after riding about 5 months out of the past 12 months I’ve stabilized my weight 16 lbs lower and about 3 inches skinnier than before I starting using my Optibike. And that is without any other diet (pizza and beer are always welcome).

Another 29 miles against my 2010 goal, 1,440 miles to go!

Check my ride via Garmin. I called this the extended edition since we added a few more scenic miles around Suwanee than the normal ride.  Ended the ride with a solid red LED.

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