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2011 a new start

2011 June 20
by Eric R.

Had a few personal issues earlier this year and have been unable to bike as regularly as I would like to.  Last month – I received an invitation to join a Biggest Loser style weight challenge at work with a prize of $3k for the biggest percentage weight loss in a period of 18 weeks and decided to join in.  Too bad that the week of the initial weight in was the week I was taking off on a 25th anniversary cruise to Alaska and thus I decided to avoid any potential encounter with other vehicles before the cruise.

Started this challenge as I started the Optibike challenge with a visit to my doc and a few lab tests to validate my initial condition before embarking on my second life changing challenge.  This time around I know exactly what I need to do. Regular use of my Optibike together with a simple weight routine and portion control and by the end of this Summer I should meet my weight goal.

The secret weapon is that I decided to target 100 lbs and I am doing psychological warfare and personal training to get me started on the right track.  Let’s see how this Summer goes!

I also want to dedicate this challenge to the memory of my brother Richard who would have celebrated his 55 years today if he wouldn’t have left us 14 years ago due to being overweight with heart issues.  That is why I’m doing it – ultimate health.

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