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Upcoming 168 mile MS fundraiser – April 10-11

2010 March 30
by Eric R.

Atlanta to Athens and back over April 10-11 weekend.  84 miles each way. Am I scared?

Not at all.  Why?

1. Did 42 miles over a 3 hour period. So I can take a recharge break and finish the other 42 miles.

2. Atlanta is at 1,000 feet of altitude. Athens is at 500 ft. No electricity is used going downhill.

3. I called Craig and asked for a battery loaner….. before I signed up for the ride.

Now – a few weeks before the ride, I’ve been getting worried if the extra battery doesn’t make it on time. Craig has reassured me that it will get here on time. He mentioned something sounding like a prototype?  I’m praying for that to work 100% of the time specially on my way back home.

Should I worry?

And yes, – the fundraiser is available here.

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