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Stage 2: Testing and Training

2009 November 18
by Jim M.

I’m really excited. For those who have read my profile you might have noticed that I raced many many years ago. Over the last 3 months I’ve really enjoyed riding the Optibike. Up to now the riding has been casual and frankly a bit fleeting. I feel great when I ride but I’ve been doing so without much direction other than to be riding again. But along with riding again is the objective related to this blog which is improving fitness and weight loss, both of which I continue to need. I had the opportunity to talk with John aka lowco2 at an unrelated event last week and along with a discussion about Rohloffs and tubeless tires he was sporting his latest belt buckle from Leadville. It really got me thinking about how much fun I used to have racing. It got me thinking… Then I remembered the training I was doing at the time that I’ll sum up in one word, brutal. But I started wondering what if?

On Monday I’m scheduled for a series of tests to establish a baseline for a training/nutrition program that I’ll be executing. The tests will establish my resting metabolic rate, max Vo2, body fat, etc. From this a solid training plan using modern methods will be designed, put into practice, and reported on here. The methods I used 30+ years ago were modern then but I’m thinking there might have been just few advances. Its been my intention to take advantage of modern methods from the onset and the timing for me is perfect. However I didn’t start with any thoughts of ever considering racing at any level again. But now this consideration is taking shape. I’m not yet committed to it, but its grabbing hold.

This is a challenge for myself as I’m quite sure that the baseline numbers won’t be flattering. I’m trusting that the structural tension between my current reality and my vision will move me to a new and improved level. I’ve been discussing this with Craig and continue to be impressed with the enthusiastic and unwavering support from Optibike in this endeavor. Thanks!

So expect to be hearing a lot more from me as I enter stage two of this pursuit.

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