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Plonking Around

2009 August 17
by Jim M.

It has been a hectic Spring and Summer with a lot of wonderful travel. Tomorrow marks the first day where I have no travel plans for the next month and can really start riding in ernest.

I’ve used the little time I’ve been home to make friends with Opti. We’ve been running errands, taking rides down the river, and just generally exploring. I’m amazed at how well Opti fits my vision of what a human-electric hybrid can do, providing a helpful push to ease me over the hills, facilitating my love for speed (no surprise its really fun to ride fast), and also letting me slowly play. Slowly play? This isn’t something I’ve really ever done much of on a bicycle so let me explain.

Many years ago (this seems to be a recurring theme) I played at motorcycle trials. I can’t say I was any good but I really enjoyed plonking around. Opti’s near silent operation has opened up plonking around my yard and the neighborhood at night. What I’m talking about isn’t the amazing gymnastics associated with blasting up vertical walls or bouncing around on rocks, just riding in very tight areas at little or no speed. Balancing for minutes at a time, picking a line, and riding some easy homemade sections.

I may not be burning many calories with my plonking, but getting out and playing is always a good thing. The ability to plonk around at night and not bother anyone is pretty cool. It sure puts a smile on my face and for me its the smile that will take care of the pounds.

Jim M.

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