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Maybe My Cats Will Commute In a Burley

2009 October 14
by Jim M.

What the heck is up with the adventure commuting. OK so Craig takes his dog for a ride and its an “adventure”. I’m thinking that I should start commuting with my cats. Get me a Burley and throw the cats in and go for a spin. I could even put another battery or two in there to extend the ride and obvious enjoyment.

I’ve got some off-road that I can hit on the way to my volunteer gig, and few hills to get yelled at for cheating, or was that yelling I heard about animal endangerment? Then there is the sight of a few cats doing everything in their power to escape the confines of the Burley. Or are they just enjoying the “adventure”. If they do escape herding them back in the Burley is sure to help me lose a few pounds. Now that would be an “adventure” or a more likely a very bad idea. I guess that’s one of the differences between cats and dogs.

So maybe I’ll just go ride. {Seriously I really love and take care of my cats and would never do such a thing. The neighbor’s cat who thinks she lives here and eats the food, that’s another story}

In any case it has been a crazy few weeks. I have to admit that today was the first ride I’ve had in about two weeks. I love riding but the “convenience” of the car can quickly take over when time seems to be an issue. But an objective view shows that riding the bike in this town is almost always faster, well if its an Optibike.

— With the bike parking is a snap. No cost, no tickets, no looking for a spot, no walking from the parking spot that I hope to find.
— With the bike I get exercise.
— With the bike I see and experience my commute.
— With the bike I meet and talk to a variety of people who I wouldn’t otherwise have the pleasure of meeting.
— With the bike I just have a better day.

So the bike is cheaper to run, faster, more fun, healthier, more sociable, and makes the day better. Especially without the cats.

Welcome Bruce! Eric you are an animal…

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