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2009 September 27
by Jim M.

The annual balloon races were held here in Reno just a few short weeks ago. Some friends suggested that I join them for the dawn patrol. So the next morning I was up at 4:30AM getting ready to ride my Optibike down for some fun. I’m not a morning person but the early morning ride was just beautiful. Working my way through the traffic near the event was a joy in itself and then enjoying the early morning light show was a blessing.

Once the sun was up the Optikbike started getting a lot of attention. Even standing still it really is a remarkable machine. And with the balloons as backdrops it really stands out. I spent over an hour or so answering questions. Everyone was very interested and impressed. If the crowds were smaller I would have done a lot of demo rides.

Once I left the races I was off to a great ride down the river, past my home, and off for breakfast. I love the fact that my Optibike replaces over 90% of the ways I’d normally use my car. Its a lot more fun and to paraphrase an old ad, “You meet the nicest people riding an Optibike.”

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